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Browse makes it easy to discover content from across Gainfully. Its card-based view provides a visual overview of content that can be combined with powerful search, filtering, and sorting abilities help you discover the right resources every time. 

Card sorting

You can sort currently filtered cards by 'top', 'popular', and 'new'. Top shows the trending content for the filters you have applied. Popular shows the most engaging content for all time. And New shows the newest content. 

Card type filter

Card types let you choose which type of media cards you want to see. These fit into four different filters, which can be combined: 

  • Everything: shows card of any type
  • Media: shows only images and video
  • Links: shows web links 
  • Files: shows files, including office documents

Client type filter

Client type lets you choose the intended audience for cards, basically between client and advisor-facing content. These fit into three different filter, which can be combined: 

  • Everything: shows cards with any audience
  • Client shareable: shows client-ready content
  • Professional-only: shows advisors-only content

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