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For National Brokerage Agencies members only

NBA Member firms are eligible for a Gainfully channel to share content with their appointed agents. 

If you are a member and do not have a channel yet, please email and specify your firm and point of contact.

Key features of your Gainfully channel: 

  • A branded agency page for content to support your agents
  • Empower your agents with content feeds from your preferred carriers
  • Invite your agents to create a sharing profile to power social media 

How to set up carrier feeds for your channel: 

  1. Add a page: As an an admin, add a new page title "Carriers" and set visibility to "Public" 
  2. Add query blocks: Add a block for each carrier's content, selecting the carrier in "organization" and setting the sort to "new" (see below)

3. Repeat the blocks for all desired carriers (you can find carriers by typing the name in the "organization" field)

More advanced setup

For more advanced page and block options, see the general channel documentation.

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