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Page blocks are a simple but powerful way to fill your pages with content. Pages can have unlimited blocks and the blocks can be ordered top to bottom on a given page. Blocks come in two types: query blocks and collection blocks. 

Adding a block to a page

To add a block, first navigate to a page on your organization's channel, then an administrator clicks the menu on the organization channel to open the block dialogue. The block name will appear at the top of the block and the description (optional) will appear directly below. 

Blocks using query parameters

A query parameter block lets you pre-configure a card search that your users will see when they view the block. Each parameter can have multiple values, separated by an "OR" argument. Queries can be built with the following parameter types: 

  • Organization (e.g. Voya, Jackson, BlackRock)
  • Sources (e.g. CNN, Forbes)
  • Topics (e.g. Investing, Insurance, Education)
  • Sort (new, top, popular)

Example query

So if your organization is named "Acme Investing" and you want a block displaying the most recent content cards you have added from CNN, you would configure your query parameters as follows: 

  • Organization: Acme Investing
  • Sources: CNN
  • Topics: (empty)
  • Sort: New

Blocks using collections

Collection blocks let you display your collections on a page. Since you control which cards appear in collections, this gives you complete control over that content and the content that appears on the block and on the page. 

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