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Collections are a powerful way to group cards. Collections can hold everything from your own proprietary content cards to campaigns of third party cards to a mix in between.

Collections in Libraries

Users can add collections to their personal libraries. There are some important aspects to the behavior of collections in libraries:

  • When a list is first added to a user collection, the cards in the list will be automatically set to "requested" if approval is required.
  • If an organization adds new cards to a list that is within a user collection, that list will also be updated. This enables ongoing campaign support but should be used with caution: there is the potential for unexpected publishing if the user was not informed about the list's purpose before adding to his or her collection.
  • If an organization removes a card or the entire list, it will also be removed from a user's collection.

Creating a New Collection

To create a list, click the create list button from your organization page. There is no limit on the number of collections you can create. There are 3 fields:

  • Title: A descriptive title for your list (required)
  • Description: Details about the list for the user (optional)
  • Visibility: The broadcast connection level the list will be visible to (required)

To edit any of the above fields, simply click the Edit button on the list from the organization page. Once created, collections are immediately visible on the organization page to the selected connection level.

Adding Cards to Collections

To add a card to a list, click the add to list button on any card inside Gainfully. Your organization's collections will be visible and the card can via that menu. Any card can be added to a list and cards can belong to as many collections as you like. There is no limit on the number of cards per list.

Removing Cards from Collections

There are two ways to remove a card from a list.

  1. Search and zoom on a card that belongs to a list and unselect the card to remove it from in the list menu
  2. Open the list zoom by clicking on any part of the list. Open the list pane to display all the cards inside

Collections do not change how Cards behave, they simply organize them. This is means that the Card approval and compliance processes work exactly the same.

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