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Gainfully gives you control over which cards are approved or denied for use by members of your organization. Even if exemptions are created, as an organization administrator you have the final say over which cards are approved for use by members of your organization. This applies to all member levels: associate, admin, and owner users.

Changing status 

To change a card's status, click the "review" button on any card, or click the "denied" or "approved" buttons for cards that are already reviewed. 

Knowing which cards need review

Your home feed will show you cards that need to be reviewed at the top. Gainfully also support filtering cards on approval status, so it's easy to keep track of what cards need to be reviewed. This can all be done directly from the main search filters in the Dashboard.

Review States


Unreviewed cards have not been reviewed by any member of your organization. The options available on the card will depend on your Content Policy and exemption settings.


These cards have been requested by a member of your organization for approval. A card can be requested manually (by click the request button on a card) or it can be triggered by 1) adding a card to a user collection or 2) adding a list to a user collection that includes the card.


The green line and icon on this card indicates it has been approved. Once approved, you may still add additional organization approvals (if you admin more than one organization) or deny access to one or more organizations.


The red line and DENIED label on this card indicates it has been denied. Notice that none of the sharing options are available on the card, only the "read" function.

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