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Team policy allows you to set which sharing and supervision rules are applied to your members within Gainfully.

Disabling User-Written Introductions

When sharing cards the user may supply a sharing "introduction". This introduction is not reviewable before sharing by the admin/compliance users. This can be disabled so that this is not possible and the introduction is supplied from the card content already approved.

Disabling All Channels

The channel settings allow you to enable or disable specific channels for your members to share to. Enabling a channel means that is will appear as an option when a member interacts with the chard, including the "share" option for social media and "send" option for sending emails.

Enabling Specific Channels

You can enable and disable channels by enabling the channels. Changes are applied once "update" is clicked and applies to all users.

Journaling Support

Journaling support allows for any messages to be journaled to an email address of your choice. For example, journaling LinkedIn will copy the content shared along with any linked articles and send them in an archiving envelope. In many instances, if social archiving is already in place this journaling may be redundant.

Batching journaling emails helps limit the amount of activity generated by the journaling feature by specifying a certain time of day to send all of the collected journal messages.

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