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When a user imports contact Gainfully does not assume that those contacts are qualified to be users (meaning they are a financial professional) unless an organization has identified them as a connection.

For this reason, if your sales team is eager to support potential users, it is valuable to identify eligible contacts as users by importing them to your organization connections list (People in admin).


Let's say Sarah is on your sales team and has a list of advisors she is working with. She can import their contact information to her user account, but this won't provide those users with a link to sign up.

In order to for those advisors to receive a link to sign up, Sarah can provide her organization admin with her list, which can be verified and uploaded as connections. When those connections are uploaded, a match between the advisors' email address in the organization connections list and Sarah's personal contact, triggering a invitation.

Note that in this example, no other salesperson can see Sarah's list of contacts, only her organization has used the connections list to verify that her contacts are eligible users. So, to recap:

  1. Salesperson imports their eligible user list as contacts
  2. The list of contacts is emailed / shared with organization admin and imported
  3. Gainfully generates email invitations on behalf of the salesperson to their eligible contacts
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