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The organization signup page is a way to invite new users to signup via an experience branded for your organization. It is ideal for inviting agents/advisors to signup for your content and onboarding new members of your organization, including sales and support teams.

The Signup Page

Every active organization on Gainfully has a signup URL. You can obtain the URL by contacting support or your organization's administrator. The signup page enables your users to create an account while simultaneously subscribing to your content channel. The URL{organization_name}/{organization_id}/

What Happens Next

The signup page follows the exact same "flow" as the homepage. Once a new user registers with LinkedIn, they will be taken to the signup screen and walked through the Gainfully user experience.

Only for New Accounts

New users can create an account from any signup page. Once a user's account is created, the signup page can no longer be used as a way to sign up for your channel. You should instead direct them to your channel inside Gainfully, which you can share by page URL.

Example Signup Page

Customizing the Page

Organization administrators can modify the text and widgets at the bottom of the page to tailor the page to their audience.

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